Cultural Immersion

Cultural Immersion
Signature Collection

The goal of this Signature Experience is to bring awareness to cultural aspects of travel and the impact you could have on communities (and the impacts those communities can have on YOU!).

We have proudly partnered with companies who are extending their arms to make a difference and giving back. Whether it be overseas or local outreach; this is travel that creates connections, communities, and culture.

“The World Is Your Neighborhood”

When a client comes into our office who is wanting a more cultural experience, we arrange their lodging at local establishments. This can include homestays, bed and breakfasts, converted castles or farm homes, or simply a boutique hotel that is family owned and operated. With this type of stay, you are more susceptible to interacting with the local people, meet friends who can guide you to those spots only the locals know, and get to know a new walk of life.

Now, take it one step further, and actually partake in the community. Venture into remote regions, using your hands and hearts to impact a community, in return allowing that community to diversity and grow your understanding of culture. Maybe you are craving a farm to table experience…. Let us introduce you to the wine region of Croatia, learning about family-owned vineyards and the art of wine production. Your travels could take you to Mongolia, making your own byaslag (Mongolian Cheese). Your host family will teach you how to milk the cow and gather the ingredients. From there you will learn the ancient aging methods used to create byaslag.

Love the idea, but aren’t sure if you are ready to commit all your vacation days to this type of travel? No worries, we have partnered with many charities who offer day-trips, where you can participate in give-back programs like reading to children, assisting in planting trees (especially in Caribbean islands who are devastated by hurricanes year after year), and more.

It doesn’t stop there’ beginning in 2018, when you travel with CARE Travel, a portion of your trip payment will be donated, in your name, to a charity of your choice.

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