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Mind And Body
Signature Collection

CARE Travel is excited to announce we are introducing a whole new line of Mind and Body Travels paired with Relaxation Retreat Opportunities and Wellness Destinations!

Just like putting together a puzzle challenges our minds, travel has that same effect on the brain. Improve your brains health while traveling, by absorbing new challenges, alternative ways of life, and learn new things, improving brain longevity. Feeling stressed? Take an opportunity to get away from everyday routines, and take your mind and body on a relaxing wellness destinations. Once your mind and body are refreshed, you may even find those same everyday routines more enjoyable.

Set athletic goals, and as your reward, travel to a fitness-oriented destination, such as the Reggae Marathon each December in Jamaica. Or maybe your goal is to eat better? Don’t put off a vacation in fear of getting side-tracked…. We have a variety of resorts that offer an array of locally-sourced and healthy alternative dining options. Is your goal to be a happier you? Maybe you can begin this journey with a much needed vacation away to clear your mind. We can arrange a zen atmosphere away from it all, to create vision, reconnect, and treat yourself to spa and spiritual treatments to help you refocus.

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