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Hey! My name is Danyel Rakowitz. I was born and raised in small town, land-locked, Manhattan Kansas, which was never a good thing for this girl who loves being in the water! I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world from a very young age. The travel bug never left!! I love traveling because it allows me to experiences various cultures, cuisines, and people all over the globe. I would love to design the perfect getaway for you, because my dream is to spread the travel bug to YOU!


Bachelors of Arts in Special Education and Elementary Education

Favorite Vacation Memory:

I was blessed with the opportunity to travel back to Rome for Holy Week and Easter Sunday! It was an incredible and crazy adventure. We woke up at 3 am to get in line with our Vatican tickets in hand. We waited for hours until they open security lines and people shoved through, knocking people over, and sprinting to get a seat in the front. We decided to stay in the back row since no one was running that direction, and we had the chance to save enough seat for our whole group! To our surprise Pope Francis rode by in the Pope-mobile not even 5 feet away from us (I was close enough I could have touched him.. I didn’t, but I did get some breathtaking pictures)!!

Travel Agent Certifications:

  • Disney College of Knowledge

Fun Facts:

  • During my study abroad in Florence Italy, I was doing a horse tour and fell off the horse and got a concussion.
  • I am a Special Education Teacher and love making a difference in the lives of kiddos
  • When in Dubrovnik, Croatia, we decide to dress up for lunch at Panorama restaurant, located on the summit of Mount Srd, with awesome views of Old Town Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea for and some family photos, then decided to do a Dunne buggy tour and ended up covered in dirt – but it was worth it.
  • When on vacation I am known for always finding the macaroni and cheese