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Travel Designer

I wear many hats: mom, wife, daughter, advocate, teacher, photographer and TRAVEL DESIGNER of course. I have a lot of schooling under my belt and a strong passion for helping others. I love to travel! There is a lot of value in taking time away from life’s craziness and enjoying moments with those you love.  Through my work at CARE Travel, I have grown super fond of helping couples plan their honeymoons. It is really fun knowing that I am planning a trip that a couple will never forget! I also love to help plan special needs travel, I have a master degree in Special Education and find that combining my knowledge in the field with my travel background provides people with a unique perspective.

Independent Agent in New Jersey

Travel Agent Certifications:

  • Disney Specialist
  • Special Needs Travel Certification


  • Master’s Degree in Special Education

Two Fun Facts: 

  1. I started a non-profit
  2. I’m 32 years old and have been to Disney World 35 times.