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Full-Time Travel Designer

Sally here! I’m the resident office girl here in the Manhattan, KS location. If you happen to stop by chances are you’ll find me here.

I grew up in Florida visiting the beaches and jetties there. I spent some time in the Keys and got to explore some of the most beautiful islands while I was there. I’m a road trip sort of girl. I love to drive on vacations. If it’s mainland US, I’ll likely take a car over a flight to get to where I am going. I’ve driven cross country 5 times now and have taken different routes each time. Most of my professional travel background is working inside the US, Canada as my second most.

I love travel. Traveling, watching others travel, preparing for travel and all the excitement that comes with visiting a new place. I love researching new locations and finding hidden gems everywhere that I go so that when I send you there, you can experience them too!

Favorite Vacation Memory: When I was younger my parents would always try to get us to the beach at least once a month. Getting 5 kids to Cocoa Beach was always an interesting feat. One time, I may have been 6 or 7 I remember my Mom teaching me how to hold onto slices of bread and the pelicans would swoop down and eat the bread out of my hand. It was amazing fun for a kid that age and I’ll always remember my Mom at any beach I visit.

Fun Facts:

  1. I am an avid gamer. I play some sort of game every day. Be it board games, computer games, old console games or card games (don’t tempt me with spades, I’ve been playing since I was 3).
  2. I LOVE to bake and cook. I try to cook something new every weekend. If I see it and think it looks fun to bake/cook, I’ll try it!
  3. I used to manage a race car (drag racing) team in Oregon. We have 11 cars and I tore down and rebuilt all the engines for each of the cars.
  4. I grew up painting, drawing, and sculpting. I have a pretty serious portfolio. Now I only draw for fun.
  5. When I grow up I want to buy a ranch and rescue as many dogs as I can.