Bachelorette Getaways

Bachelor & Bachelorette

A bachelor/bachelorette getaways party is one of the many fun traditions that the couple-to-be generally partakes in. It’s essential to get together with some of your friends and spend some quality time before the big day, or even just getaway to relax for a while to relieve some of the wedding-planning stresses. Host a party everyone will enjoy, with a Destination Bachelor/Bachelorette Getaways!

Traditionally, these getaways have been to Las Vegas, however, we offer a whole new world of “last fling” getaways to exotic locations that price out similar to the traditional Vegas scene.

CARE Travel offers many exclusive promotions and perks for group travels. Can you see you and your gals basking on the beach, being pampered beyond all expectations? Or you and your guys enjoying a round of shots (or two) at the swim up bar? CARE Travel offers inclusive, YES, all-Included and unlimited food and drink packages to create your stress-free party abroad!

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Top 5 HOT SPOTS for Bachelor and Bachelorette Getaways